THE West Clubs Women's Hockey League has followed in the footsteps of the Verde Recreo Men's League, by abandoning the 2020/21 season for all but the top division.

With the hockey season starting late and grassroots sport currently suspended, the chances of a league campaign being finished have become increasingly slim.

Clubs were consulted through a survey, following which the women's league said in a statement: "We would like to thank the clubs for participating in the recent survey - there was an 86 per cent response from 94 per cent of the clubs.

"Following a meeting of the League Committee on Thursday, February 11, it has been determined that, with the exception of Premier Division 1, the 2020/21 season be abandoned.

"This follows clear feedback from the survey that this was the preferred option; this will take effect immediately.

"There will be no promotions and relegations.

"Fixtures will remain on the website for the purposes of allowing friendlies to be arranged.

"There will be separate communications to teams in Premier Division 1 to explain how the season will be concluded.

"This will build on the majority view of the separate Premier Division survey conducted."

A resolution to the season for Premier Division 1, which features Taunton Vale's 1st XI, needs to be found as the league is expected to promote teams to the England Hockey League for 2021/22.