AT the weekend, three boxers representing Taunton's Blueflames ABC secured medals in the Hull Box Cup.

Taylor Williams, Jessy Hepburn and Liam Tate all took home the titles in their respective categories and classes.

First up was Taylor Williams who was boxing a girl from Ireland in the final of her weight category.

Taylor kept it long skilfully holding her opponent at bay while landing clean shot after clean shot.

Her opponent became more desperate as the bout went on not being able to work out how to get to Taylor.

The bout ended with Taylor throwing a barrage of scoring shots earning Taylor a unanimous win and a gold medal.

Second up of the three was Liam Tate on Saturday in the finals.

Liam's opponent was this years Nationals Champion so it was going to be a challenge and it was also the first time that Liam had boxed in this weight category.

Liam stayed composed for all 3 rounds while his strong opponent tried hunting him down Liam expertly changed angels coming back with clean shots and seeing his opponent end up on the canvas three times.

Liam clearly won the bout with a unanimous win and a gold medal.

Third up was Jessy Heyburn boxing an Irish opponent. Jessy spent no time hanging around and took it straight to her opponent.

The game Irish opponent didn’t back down and equally wanted the win in what could be a 50/50 bout until the third round where Jessy accelerated the work rate and caught the opponent with a clean right hand.

It was powerful enough for the referee to jump in give her opponent an eight count.

Jessy won her bout on a three two split decision and took a gold medal.

In other news at the club, it will be holding female only boxing classes over the next few weeks.

The Female only class will be on Monday August 7 and 14, and will be free of charge.

A spokesperson from the club said: "We will be running two taster sessions in August. On Monday 7th and Monday 14th.

"They will be free of charge and will run from 9-30am to 10-30am."

The club added they will look to do these permanetly if there is a good turnout at the first ones.

"If we get enough interest we will run every Monday, starting September 11, and they will be £5 per session."

To find out more information, get in touch with Blueflames ABC on Facebook.