CHEDDAR Football Club has entered a new partnership with Violife, a leading plant-based cheese alternative brand, ahead of the new season. 

To launch the sponsorship, Cheddar's players and former England international Karen Carney have been spotted in an ‘unbelievably cheesy’ new kit that features a world-first grated design and a plant-based version of the club's crest. 

The partnership between Violife’s new plant-based alternative, Cheddarton, and the 131-year-old football club aims to show how easy it is to go plant-based, starting on the home turf of Britain's most popular cheese. 

The club plans to wear the special kit for a charity match and one other game, while retaining their usual yellow and black home strip with new Cheddarton sponsorship.

Research conducted by OnePoll shows 41 per cent of people in the UK said they would miss cheese too much to adopt a plant-based diet.

The study also found that nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of all plant-based diets end because of the irresistibility of cheese.

Cheddar's players will be encouraged to embrace more of a plant-based lifestyle with support from Carney, who played 144 times for England.

Three-fifths (60 per cent) of Brits polled believe that sportspeople need meat and dairy as part of their diet – and the ex-Lioness is out to prove them wrong. 

Somerset County Gazette: The players headed to Cheddar's famous caves in the new kit to launch the partnership.The players headed to Cheddar's famous caves in the new kit to launch the partnership. (Image: Violife)

She said: “I turned vegan in 2018 and noticed the positive change immediately both in my health and performance on the football pitch when playing for both club and country. 

“The perception of the plant-based diet is that you will miss out on certain foods but thankfully Violife means I never miss out on my cheesy favourites like pizza and cheese on toast.”

Cheddar captain Kieran Webster said: “Living and growing up in Cheddar, cheese is in the players’ blood.

“We know what’s key to making the cheesiest, gooiest dishes around, so if we can go plant-based, switching Cheddar for Cheddarton, anyone can!”

Additional research by Violife found that 69 per cent of Brits would never consider going plant-based or vegan, and 56 per cent think it is ‘hard’ to be plant-based. 

Somerset County Gazette: What do you think of the kit?What do you think of the kit? (Image: Violife)

However, around 20 per cent believe a plant-based diet is better for the environment and protects animal welfare. 

Violife says Cheddarton “has a flavour profile that is expertly crafted to mirror traditional cheddar, as well as melting, grating and crumbling like its dairy counterpart”.

Jess Millner, senior brand manager at Violife, said: “If the people of Cheddar can embrace Cheddarton and still stay cheesy, anyone can.

“The idea of switching to a plant-based diet can seem like a big leap, and clearly many are worried about how they would feel without some of their favourite foods.

“But going plant-based doesn’t have to mean you no longer get to enjoy them, with Cheddarton letting you make a simple switch without having to sacrifice on taste or texture."

Cheddarton is available now in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda & Morrisons stores across the country with a recommended retail price of £2.75.