BOXERS at Blueflames ABC in Taunton have enjoyed a successful month winning locally and further afield.

To start, the club had a busy weekend last week in Wales, as three boxers took part in the Wales Box Cup.

On Saturday the club had Jessy, Taylor and Liam all in action in Wales.

Jessy and Taylor’s bouts were back to back with opponents that each other had previously boxed.

Both girls gave it there best shot but unfortunately fell short on points.

Next up was Liam and he got straight to it taking control of the bout for three fantastic rounds resulting in a unanimous win and a place in the final.

In the final, Liam performed well and won the bout with a first round stoppage earning him the Welsh Box Champion prize for 2023.

After that, the group travelled to Bristol with McKenzie boxing in preparation for the Weston counties.

He took part in the Broadplain Show and picked up a great win over three dominant rounds to win on points.

All four boxers can be seen in action on the Blue flames ABC Home Show at Wellsprings Leisure Centre Friday, October 6.

For tickets, tables and sponsorship information, please contact Louise Tate on 07535 814919.

The weekend prior saw a mixed bag of results for the Taunton boxers at the Barum Box Cup this weekend.

At the three day boxing event held in Ilfracombe, McKenzie boxed an opponent with a winning record and over five times his experience.

He boxed well over the three minute rounds but came away with a points loss.

Next up Liam Tate boxed in the final of the Barum Box Cup, taking on the current GB Three Nations Champion who’s also twice Welsh National Champion.

Liam trains extremely hard and the bout didn’t quite go the way Liam had planned but he took it like a sportsman.

Last on Anya Wilson took on an opponent from Gloucester. Boxing 3 x 3 min rounds Anya set the pace and controlled the bout right up until the final bell earning her a gold medal winning the Barum Box Cup.