AS 2024 gets underway, the players and staff at Somerset County Cricket Club are preparing for the upcoming season.

Off the pitch, there has been some updates to do with strategy and board composition that current CEO Gordon Hollins has shared.

Of course, Hollins will vacate the role at the end of March, making way for incoming CEO and former Somerset player Jamie Cox.

But in terms of current strategy, Hollins said: "In a rapidly changing cricket world, the Executive and Board have been developing an exciting strategy for the Club over the last few months.

"This is a vital piece of work to ensure that Somerset remains at the ‘top table’ of cricket in this country for generations to come! We look forward to sharing details of the strategy with Members and supporters in the New Year."

And speaking on board composition, he added: "In November, three Independent Appointed Board Directors informed the Club of their decision to resign.

"Rachel Baillache, Nathan Goddard and Rowena Sellens have all played a significant part in developing the strategy, as well as providing the Executive Team with support in various areas.

"A process to recruit three Appointed Directors with appropriate skills to help take the Club forward into an exciting future will be announced in early course."

Hollins finished: "Thank you for your support in 2023 – you really are a huge part of what makes this Club unique."