ONGOING issues off the pitch have continued over the past few days at Taunton Town Football Club.

Most parties involved have spoken publicly now about the situation at the club, with differing opinions coming from all over.

The situation appears to yet have a resolution in sight as blame is being placed on different people or groups of people.

A total of seven first team players have left the club in the space of two weeks, with many believing this is due to pay or wage issues.

On top of that there is a clear rift between the board of the football and the management of the team, which is having an affect on the playing group.

On the positive side, the club has brought in three new players and a group of fans have set up the Taunton Town Supporters Association.

For now though, here is everything that has been said so far.

Chairman, Kevin Sturmey statement

The Chairman of the football club, Kevin Sturmey issued a statement in which he cited cash flow as the main issue behind the club's current situation.

He said: "It has been well documented that the club is going through a tough time, but any business would struggle with 10% income and 100% expenditure for the months of October, November and December.

Somerset County Gazette: Kevin SturmeyKevin Sturmey (Image: Debbie Gould)

"However, the players’ wages are all paid up to date but again like most football clubs it is survival month to month as 'cash flow is king' in any business."

He went on to say that he will stay in his role determined to steer the ship out of this storm and wants supporters to know he has the right intentions for the club.

"But I am positive about the future as long as there is honesty, trust and a never say die attitude, if this happens, we can achieve our short term goal which is retaining our NLS status," he said.

But he also said the team is underachieving: "At present for the level of budget we are underachieving, having fallen from 1st to 19th in the table with the same squad."

Head of Football, Rob Dray statement

Rob Dray has been clear all season in his standing on finances at the club and has often said Taunton has a much lower budget than the other teams in the National League South.

Speaking last week, Dray said it has been a very hard period at the club.

"It's hard, it is stressful, probably as stressful as it gets in this job at the moment, there is no doubt about that" he said.

Somerset County Gazette: Rob DrayRob Dray (Image: Debbie Gould)

"Continuity and stability are what builds football clubs, and that is what I have done, I have kept these players around me for two, three years and nurtured them.

"We haven't got the biggest budget in this league, I haven't got a problem with that. There is so many things against us being in the National League."

He finished by saying: "The lads have done magnificently, we just need to refocus, see what we've got, get our heads down, it is what it is, we will deal with as we always have done and press on to the next game."

Players leadership team statement - Lloyd Irish and Nick Grimes

Speaking on behalf of the players, Lloyd Irish voiced his opinions and concerns on X (formerly Twitter) late on January 5.

Irish said: "We have been consistently lied to over an extended period of time, with fundamental failures at the very top of the club leading to a situation where the club is unsustainable and the group of players has had to be broken apart.

Somerset County Gazette: Lloyd IrishLloyd Irish (Image: Debbie Gould)

"This whole situation has all originated from broken promises and a lack of trust in the running of the football club. To blame on-pitch performances in a club statement is quite frankly barbaric.

"We believe we should be united as a football club to find a way forward. It is very difficult at this time to see a way to resolve this situation, as it has gone way beyond what could be deemed as salvageable by many," he finished.

And captain Nick Grimes added: "Now more than ever we have got to stick together and ride it out, hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

"We had one of the closest groups I have ever been a part of and we have lost seven of those players in a week, it has been really, really tough.

"Probably has been the craziest couple of months I have ever had in my football career."

What now?

Clearly the players along with management have had a falling out with the board at Taunton Town Football Club and damage is already visibly done.

However Irish and the players currently sit in 19th place in the league table, just five points above relegation but also just nine points from eighth place, with five games in hand.

So depending on which way you look at things, the club could be in a relegation battle or a mid table finish. Time will tell.