JACK Scadden and his intrepid group of Taunton Town FC supporters will be setting off on the second leg of their challenge to visit all 164 clubs in the top seven footballing divisions, ending up at Wordsworth Drive on the last day of the Peacock’s season in April.

Jack and his crew have already completed the challenge to visit each of the Premier League clubs  which they achieved back in December in a record breaking 20 hours and having got that under their belt the group will now set off the repeat the activity for each of the Championship teams.

Jack said: “The Championship challenge will involve us visiting the grounds of the 24 teams and will be driving up to Sunderland on Sunday 14th January  and setting off early the following morning.

“We have got some really good sponsors who are backing us so we have have been able to book a hotel for the Sunday evening and plan to get going quite early the following morning at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.

“Then we will be heading for Middlesborough and then onto all of the Yorkshire clubs, and theres quite a few, then the Midland teams.”

Jack went on: “The Premier League was quite nice and straightforward as it was straight down the country, but the Championship is really spread out. We have to go to Norwich and Ipswich and then the London clubs, then Southampton, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol City and finish off in Plymouth.

“The Premier League grounds took us 20 and a half hours and we notched up about 1200 miles, while the Championship is looking more like 1500 miles to visit them all, and take more like 28 hours, but of course we will be trying to do it as quickly as we can.”

Is the time that Jack and his group set for the Premier League grounds a record?

“From my understanding people have only visited the Premier League ground in 24 hours before, but to do every league which is what we are trying to achieve, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we haven’t broken it.

“I tried to get in touch with the Guinness Book of Records before we started the challenge but I haven’t heard back from them, so we are just going ahead and doing it.

Jack went on: “Richard Brice from Somerset County Sports was our main sponsor for the Premier League Challenge and we are very grateful for all of his support.

“However for the Championship we have got two more sponsors -DS Electrical and the other one is Southwest disciplined k9 who will be helping us out with the travel In addition to these Wellington Motors are going to provide us with a Nissan Qashqai which is brilliant.

The Qashqai manufacturer Nissan is actually based in Sunderland so hopefully we can make a little time to visit them when we travel there.

Jack will be joined on the Championship challenge by Cam Corp who will be helping with the filming and Shane Jordan, who was part of  Premier Challenge.

“So far we have raised over £250 for Children’s Hospice South West and we are expecting this to increase considerably as we move down through the leagues. I think that the smaller clubs will make more of a thing about it and try to get involved more.

Jack added: “I want to show where the money is going and anything we raise will be amazing and will make a difference.”

To support the Taunton Town Trio in their quest to raise funds for Children’s Hospice South West please log onto  justgiving.com and  type in Jack Scadden 164 Stadium Tour for Children’s Hospice South West page.