On Wednesday 7th February a party of more than 40 young cricketers on the Somerset Pathway will be setting off for a 13 day tour to Sri Lanka where in addition to playing matches they will experience the local culture as well as enjoying some sight seeing.

Three age groups of cricketers going - the Girls and Boys Under 15s and the Girls Under 18s, and whilst they are away the squads will play five matches.

The touring party will be accompanied by and eight coaches and support staff -Matt Drakeley the Head of Talent Pathway, Andrew Griffiths, Head of Pathway Coaching, Andy Payne Pathway Coach and Analyst and Kieran Peters, Pathway Coach and Women’s and Girls Lead. The support staff travelling with the group are Dave Roberts, Somerset Women’s Head Coach, Jack Moore, Sam Braid and Tilly Bond.

The tour party arrive in Colombo on Thursday 8th February and depart for the return journey on Monday 19th February.

Ahead of the tour Sir Michael Barber the Chair of Somerset CCC said: “I’d like to wish the best of luck to all our young people, girls and boys, U18 as well as U15, on their Tour of Sri Lanka. 

“I am sure it will be a wonderful experience from a cultural as well as a cricket point of view. 

Somerset Cricket is not just about winning cricket matches - though we love doing that - it is also about developing skills, building confidence, opening up opportunities, and creating lasting memories among people from a wide range of diverse backgrounds.” 

Sir Michael added: “I look forward to following the Tour as it happens and hearing all about it when the tourists return!"

 Matt Drakeley, Head of Talent Pathway added: "“We will be going over there at the same time as several of the Somerset First Team players, and this presents a really good opportunity for our players to mix with the professionals and learn from their processes.

"It will give them the chance to see at first hand what high-level practice and behaviours look like. I’m really excited about the fact that Jason Kerr and Shane Burger will have the chance to come and watch some of our players.

"That shows how deep the connectivity across the Club is from the Pathway all the way through to the professionals.”