THE National League has placed a transfer embargo on Taunton Town Football Club as of this month after they have not complied with league finance regulations.


It has been issued as the football club was issued a winding-up petition last month and this goes against the National League rules.

The direct line from the National League issued on February 2, states: "Transfer embargo - Taunton Town Football Club - Non compliance of League financial regulations."

And the rule which Taunton broke is 'where a Club has been served with a winding-up petition which has not been satisfied in full or to the satisfaction of the petitioning creditors as evidenced by written agreement'.

Back in September 2023, the National League Board of Directors agreed the league to publish a list of clubs under registration embargoes online.

Embargo means a ban on a Club signing, re-signing, exercising an option to sign, extending a contract, converting a loan into a permanent transfer, converting a short term loan into a long term loan, loaning or seeking in any way to register a player whether on a contractual or non-contractual basis or as an amateur, trainee, academy, work experience or schoolboy associate other than within any of the Embargo Terms and Exemptions hereinafter contained.