LAST week Taunton Town Supporters Association members met with some of the football club's directors for an update on proceedings.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the plans for the remainder of the season, both on the pitch performance wise, off the pitch finance wise and on top of that the pitch itself.

At the meeting were representatives from the Supporters Trust, as well as directors Derek Perry, Richard Smith, Carl Gazzard and the operations manager Karl Lindsay.

The meeting concluded that the most urgent priority is the financial situation at the football club.

The Supporters Trust said: "Whilst the position regarding longer term debts is still being examined, the most pressing requirement is to keep up to date with payments to HMRC.

"Although the amounts we are dealing with are relatively small compared to many clubs/other companies, the problem is that we have fallen into arrears too many times and therefore less leeway is being allowed for further late payments."

A statement direct from the club on this matter said: "Although the condition of the pitch and inability to complete fixtures is a serious concern, the immediate priority is ensuring the winding up petition from HMRC is lifted at the earliest opportunity.

"The directors have made significant progress with this and hope to provide a more detailed update in the coming days."

And to add to that, the meeting confirmed that given the continuation of the bad weather and postponements of home games, cashflow is a critical issue at the moment.

The minutes from the meeting stated: "The club has a very small overdraft facility and already has several debts to directors and other parties. Borrowing against the value of the ground is probably not possible and certainly not recommended for covering running costs."

Looking at the makeup of the board in its current state with Kevin Sturmey off sick, there are four remaining standing directors.

The club has said: "To run at this level in the pyramid we need a range of people and different skills on the Board, and the directors would especially like more expertise in HR and Health & Safety.

"If you believe you or someone you know may have the relevant skills please come forward. Directors can be co-opted during the year or elected by members at an EGM or the AGM."

The Supporters Trust currently has an interim committee of eight people and will call the first AGM as soon as possible once there is membership in place, in order to finalise a constitution and formally elect a committee.