TAUNTON Town Football Club's financial woes continue as the club is currently unable to pay its players and staff their full salary.

The club has confirmed the news this week in a statement which highlighted a current lack of income and the effect this has had on the club.

It comes after Taunton have had to postpone their last five home fixtures in the National League South which has meant little to no money has flowed into the club.

The result of the lack of income is that the players will be paid at a reduced and agreed rate for the month of February and the remainder will be paid when it can be afforded. For backroom staff, they have not been paid at all.

A spokesperson from the club's board of directors said: "The number of home games postponed due the volume of rain these past weeks has only deepened the financial challenges the club is experiencing.

"As a result, the club has been unable to meet its salary commitments for February (payment due on the 5th March 2024).

"Using the small amount of income the club has received in February, it has agreed with the players to pay an affordable percentage of their expected sum. 

"The difference will be paid as soon as the club is able to. The remainder of the club staffing team have unfortunately not been paid."

Not meeting the club's salary commitments is the latest issue in a growing list of financial issues at the club, which has included a winding up petition from HMRC and a transfer embargo.

Unfortunately, the club is now expecting another winding up petition as this latest financial woe will mean they cannot pay their HMRC commitment as well.

The board added: "Disappointingly the lack of income does mean that the club is unable to meet its HMRC commitment.

"Having already exhausted payment plan options with the Revenue, another winding up order and league transfer embargo could be unavoidable. The club will endeavour to continue to provide updates on the situation when we can."

In a bid to create some funds, the club has urged supporters to pre-purchase match tickets ahead of time.

"Tickets for the remaining home games can be purchased online via the club website. Doing so in advance would significantly assist the club in this challenging time," the board said.

"Further to this, tickets are now available for the exhibition match between Manchester United Legends vs Taunton Town Legends on 19th May. Your support will be greatly appreciated."