TAUNTON Town Independent Supporters Association (TTISA) has come to the financial aid of the football club in recent weeks.

As it has been well documented, Taunton Town are in the midst of paying back debt owed to HMRC and further recent match postponements have left the club unable to make the payments.

But this week, TTISA made a second payment to the club, this time to the amount of £2,000 and this money has been used to pay HMRC.

It is the second payment made by TTISA to help the club clear their debts after they contributed £1,600 earlier this month.

The money has come directly from fans of the club and members of the supporters association, and a spokesperson from TTISA thanked the support.

"From the TTISA and Taunton Town FC we’d like to extend our enormous gratitude to all those who have donated so far," the spokesperson said.

"But it doesn’t stop there! We need more to help the club to steady the ship through these choppy waters the club finds itself in.

"So please keep giving! Any amount is gratefully received. Also please take the time to join the TTISA as a paying member and/or please support our upcoming fundraising events – the quiz next Sunday 24th, and the Race Night on Friday 12 April."