IT was a difficult Easter holiday period for Taunton Town as they suffered two defeats to two of their closest geographical rivals.

On Good Friday they lost to Weston-super-Mare AFC and then on Monday they lost at home to Bath City.

Head of football Rob Dray acknowledged his side is very much in a relegation battle now but ensured fans the group is giving everything they have to avoid the drop.

"We are very much in a relegation battle at the moment, we are still having a go," he said.

"At times we have to look at ourselves, around the ground, at everybody really, a victory for this club at the moment is turning the lights on, a victory is getting a game on, a victory is getting wages paid, these are all victories.

"We are playing different games to people at the moment, and we are still trying out there, the management, the players, everyone associated with the club is giving everything to make sure we retain our status in the league."

He added that it seems like everything has gone against Taunton this season, but they will fight on.

"Everything has been against us this year, lets not flower it up in anyway, it has been a very difficult season," he said.

"But, we've got a good mindset, I never quit, I never walk away, we don't like losing, none of us like losing, but it is really important to make it clear where we are currently."