LAST week, Taunton Town FC had to move their National League South fixture to Gloucester City FC's home ground.

Poor weather meant Wordsworth Drive was unplayable, and to avoid another postponement, the club was forced by the National League to move the fixture.

This decision resulted in Taunton Town making less revenue from a standard home match, and the club has voiced their concerns on future matches potentially being moved.

A spokesperson from the Taunton Town FC board of directors said: "It should be news to no-one that this decision will have a huge effect on the club’s financial situation.

"Gate revenue is fundamental to the club’s income, which is why the club had not already made the decision to move its home games elsewhere."

They added: "The League has requested that we find alternative venues for all remaining home games in the event we are unable to facilitate the fixture due to the condition of the pitch.

"Club staff and volunteers have been working tirelessly to ensure the pitch is in the best condition it can be for each home game, however, the weather continues to frustrate our efforts."