Somerset batter Andy Umeed has come a very long way from the time he started out on his cricketing journey playing for his native Scotland back in 2015 at the age of 19, writes Richard Walsh.

The right-handed batter moved south to join Warwickshire where he made his debut in May 2016 and between then and the end of 2017 appeared in 14 championship games- the last of which was against Somerset at Edgbaston later that year.

He played for Warwickshire Seconds the following season but then left county cricket until 2022 when he trialled with Somerset and got 125 for the Seconds against Glamorgan, that he got involved in the cricket scene again.

Since then, Andy has worked hard to develop his game and has played an integral part in the Cidermen’s two most recent Vitality Championship games, in which he has scored 172 runs and now enjoys an average of 43.

How hard was it for Andy to maintain his vision of wanting to become a successful first-class cricketer and how much have Somerset helped him on the way?

“Yes, it was very difficult and at one stage I gave up for two years and didn’t play any cricket in the UK. 2018 was my last season at Warwickshire and until 2022, when I trialled with Somerset, I didn’t play any professional cricket - four years of non-involvement.

“At times during that period I lost hope a little bit but being away also made me realise how much I did want to make it happen, so I just needed to find ways to ‘get better rather than get bitter’. If I wasn’t getting picked it was because I wasn’t good enough, so I just went and improved my game and hoped the opportunities would come along and be sure I was good enough when they did.

“That has been my approach - be the player I want to be and work hard to become it.

“Somerset have helped me a lot in trying to reach my goal and I think the environment at the club is geared towards developing and improving players.”

The Scotsman went on: “Over the last few years I have done and seen other things, so by the time I have got to play as a professional cricketer it’s a bit of a luxury and a privilege. I am enjoying every day I get to do it. Every time I go out to the middle is a bonus and every game that I help Somerset to win is the cherry on top and I’m loving it!

Andy added: “Getting a win last week was amazing, not just personally for myself to contribute, but for all the lads to get over the line, and now I’m looking forward to the Kent game and whatever pitch is produced, I’ll l be ready to adapt and put on a show for the crowd.”