A solitary strike from substitute Deiniol Graham was enough for a team of Manchester United Legends to defeat Taunton Town Legends in a friendly fixture played at Wordsworth Drive on Sunday.

Graham notched 12 minutes from time on a sunny Somerset afternoon, with fans soaking up the rays and the memories in equal measure.

The Taunton team featured Ryan Draper, Darren Hawkins, Paul West, Chippy Chapman, Damon Palfrey, Andy Perrot, Gary Fisher, Jamie Price, Chris McGrath, Brett Trowbridge, Shane Kingston, Lloyd Irish, Owen Irish, Rodney Marsh, Steve Murray, Ian Down, Derek Fields, Ian Bastow, Ellis Laight, Jason Heath, Martin Underhay.

Captained by Russell Beardsmore, the Manchester United squad featured Nick Culkin, Chris Casper, Luke Chadwick, Matt Kilgannon, Michael Gray, Danny Pugh, Lee Hughes, Chris Eagles, Matt Janzen, Scott Murray, Martin Underhay, Derek Brazil, Dan Starnes, Steve Arnold and the match-winner Graham.