Somerset County Cricket Club was first established in August 1875 following a cricket match played at Sidmouth between the Gentlemen of Somerset and the Gentlemen of Devon, so 2025 will mark the club’s 150th anniversary, writes Richard Walsh.

To mark the sesquicentenary, (which is what you call 150th anniversary), Somerset CCC are planning a series of events, for which committee member and former chair Richard Brice has been appointed co-ordinating chair.

Richard said: “The 150th anniversary of Somerset County Cricket Club is very important and a special occasion to everyone who is associated in any way with the club and we will be looking back across the years from when we were first formed in Sidmouth and highlight some of the events that have taken place in the intervening years.

“We will be looking at how the ground has developed into what it is today, and some of the characters who have been involved both on and off the field.

“During the course of the year, Somerset will host several cricket matches, celebratory dinners, and a whole range of events and activities, as well as producing a range of clothing items, including retro shirts, all of which will be in place by the back end of this year.

“In addition, we are planning to publish a book ‘Somerset CCC 150’ that will contain a range of articles and pictures looking back over the years and highlighting some of the matches and characters and the events that have led to this club becoming what it is today.”

Richard went on: “This year is about promoting the club and everything about it that makes it such a special part of so many peoples’ lives.

“There is a unique culture attached to Somerset that makes it what it is and we want to put together a plan to celebrate the 150th year of this special club.

“Next year is also the 150th anniversary of Taunton, and Bridgwater and Albion Rugby Clubs and there may be an opportunity to promote some joint events.”

He added: “Of course, it is early days but we will be getting a group together and talking to people over the next few months and coming up with a programme of events to celebrate the club’s 150th Anniversary in 2025.”

Sir Michael Barber, the chair of SCCC, said: “Our 150th Anniversary provides an unrivalled chance to celebrate Somerset cricket across the entire South-West region.

“It is an opportunity not just to celebrate Somerset’s amazing history; but also a chance to look at exciting times ahead. In our next 150 years, women’s cricket, as well as men’s, will make history - and our pathway will bring through a host of talented boys and girls from all backgrounds into both Somerset and England teams.

Sir Michael added: “Richard Brice with his deep knowledge of and commitment to Somerset cricket is the ideal person to lead the planning for the anniversary on behalf of the Club.”