Built on the site of a World War II Royal Air Force bomber station, Silverstone is among the most famous renowned on the Formula One calendar, writes Philip Duncan.

Here, British driver Lando Norris takes the PA news agency on a lap of the world-famous circuit.

Abbey and Farm Curve

The first corner at Abbey is flat out. The driver has to throw the front of the car into the corner, and then hang on to it on the exit, because we immediately go into turn two – the Farm Curve. There is also a bit of a bump in there, so if we are too aggressive the car will de-stabilise.

Village and The Loop

Next, is the slow-speed section of the track, putting the brakes on as we enter Village, which provides an overtaking opportunity, albeit not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. It is very easy to lock the front-right tyre under braking which compromises our line into the left-hander, The Loop, but the exit is key because the kink at Aintree takes us on to the long Wellington Straight, and the first of two DRS zones.


We then head into the old part of the circuit, driving at nearly 220mph, before we approach the long, left-hander at Brooklands. Here we brake and shift down the gears. There is a chance for overtaking around the outside.

Luffield and Woodcote

Luffield, the ensuing right-hander, is endless and is the most frustrating corner on the track. We turn in and want to jump on the throttle immediately, but we have to be patient, we have to wait as we battle with understeer. There are two lines you can take; go deep and focus on a good exit, or slow down earlier and carry a tight line. If we do the latter, we will be faster through the bend, but our exit will be compromised.

Pit Straight and Copse Corner

Up next, is the old-start finish line and the high-speed right-hander at Copse – where Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided in 2021. We take the bend at 190mph so if we miss the apex we’ll never make the corner and we will be forced to use the run-off area on the exit.

Maggots, Becketts and Chapel Curve

This has to be the best set of corners in Formula One. The first left at Maggots is a small flick, but at the next right-hander, it is important to carry speed to the point that you use three-quarters of the track. If you use all of the asphalt, it is difficult to get back on line for the next left at Becketts. If you are a little bit wide on the first part it just multiplies the problem through the remaining series of corners.

Hangar Straight and Stowe

We exit Chapel Curve and head on to the Hangar Straight and the second DRS zone before we arrive at Stowe. Although Stowe provides an overtaking opportunity, it is not a good one because it is so fast. It’s vital to hit the apex at Stowe. If you don’t, the front of the car washes out and you end up on the astroturf on the exit.

Vale and Club Corner

We dip down on to Vale and then rise up just after the pit entry. We are back on the brakes – it will be bumpy – and again there are two options; carry a lot of speed through the left-hander at Vale and lift through Club, or take a slower approach to Vale and power out of Club Corner. We then pull through the final bend and up and across the start-finish line – renamed the Hamilton straight after Lewis won his record-equalling seventh world championship in 2020 – to complete the lap.