Regional League 3 South
Taunton Vivary 42, Tor Knights 56

VIVARY hosted Knights in a Regional League encounter, and lost out by 14 goals.

The game started very evenly, but it was Knights who took the early lead (16-13).

Vivary made some squad changes in the second quarter and worked hard to move the ball down the court, winning the quarter by one goal to close the gap to 26-24.

The third quarter saw the hosts lose their flow with forced and unforced errors, allowing Knights to pull away to 41-30.

Vivary fought hard in the final quarter, working tirelessly from defence through to attack, but weren’t able to catch up.

Player of the match: Emily Tong, Ashlee Dale, Faye Symons and Lauren Knight; squad: Fee Grammer, Emily Tong, Leila Aladin, Freya Bryant, Lauren Knight, Faye Symons, Isla May, Gracie Stevens, Ashlee Dale; sponsor: Shine Hair Management 

Somerset Division 1
Yeovil Wyndham 33, Taunton Monmouth 30

MONMOUTH went to play Yeovil’s Wyndham in the first division, and were beaten 33-30.

The first quarter was pretty much goal for goal, but then Wyndham inched ahead 11-9, remaining two goals up at half time.

Monmouth came out strong in the third quarter and levelled, but the home side then took advantage of a few sloppy passes and moved six goals clear.

The visitors fought to the end, but it wasn’t quite enough to win.

POM: Ria Binding; squad: GS Helen Lucas/Becky Lucas, GA Jade Barnett, WA Becca Willy, C Kim Radford, WD Siobhan Cleverly/Hannah Robins, GD Ria Binding, GK Sharlie White; sponsor: Granite Transformations

Somerset Division 2
Wells Bishops 42, Taunton Priory 29

PRIORY were also on the road, to Wells, to face unbeaten side Bishops.

It started pretty evenly, but the hosts then took a first-quarter lead of 11-4.

The second quarter saw Priory able to force more turnovers, narrowing the gap to two goals (19-17).

But Bishops then took advantage of unforced errors and stretched their lead back out to 30-23.

Priory tried to stay within a few goals, but tired, and the home team proved too strong.

POM: Kate Durbin; squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Maisie Reynolds, WA Mel Reynolds, C Kate Durbin, WD Andrea Dobson, GD Amy Toole, GK Linda Holder; sponsor: Matt Durbin Associates

Somerset Division 2
Yeovil Aldon 37, Taunton Blackdown 37

BLACKDOWN travelled to play Yeovil’s Aldon in the second division and came away with a draw.

Both teams were well matched for the first two quarters, with Aldon 18-17 up at half time.

Blackdown got into their stride in the third quarter, and built a 30-24 lead with good work down the court.

The final quarter saw Aldon turn the game around again, and ultimately it ended honours even.

POM: Hannah Robins; squad: GS Tanya Binding, GA Tasha Levy, WA Kate Stubbins, C Sarah Hughes, WD Abbey Teape, GD Holly Morse, GK Hannah Robins; sponsor: Mortgage Select

Somerset Division 3
Glastonbury Chalice 28, Taunton Tudor 29

TUDOR came away with a one-goal win against Glastonbury’s Chalice in the third division.

The visitors took an early lead of 10-7, but Chalice rethought their tactics in the second quarter and pulled it back, to lead 16-13 at halfway.

Tudor narrowed the gap slightly in the third period (22-20), and in the final quarter everyone gave 100 per cent effort, resulting in victory.

POM: Sophie Bond; squad: GS Alice Alger-Green, GA Sophie Bond, WA Sian Blake, C Louise Frost, WD Ally Gabell, GD Verity Stone, GK Rhonda Robins


Somerset County Gazette:

GALMINGTON side Queensway.

Regional League 2
Yeovil Babylon 49, Galmington Trident 40

TRIDENT started their contest with Babylon well, the game going goal for goal up to 9-9 at the end of the first quarter.

Changes due to injury disrupted the visitors’ flow, and Babylon moved from a 20-19 lead at halfway to a 49-40 victory.

The team saw this as a winnable game, so were disappointed, but they’re looking forward to the return match.

Player of the match: Juste Mockeliunaite; Opposition player of the match: Laura Phelps; sponsor: Joseph Wood Builders

Somerset Premier Division
Yeovil Newton 38, Galmington Hovelands 57

VISITORS Hovelands had a solid game away to Newton, with their shooting on point, the defence creating turnovers, and the passing often very slick.

POM: Laura Preece

Somerset Premier Division
Crewkerne Sharks 32, Galmington Claremont 46

CLAREMONT were buzzing after their match away to Sharks.

New team members Michelle Ley, Heather Manning and Lydia Reeves brought with them a new lease of life, which saw the away side take the win by 14 goals.

POM: Jess Hewitt; sponsor: Somerset County Sports

Somerset Division 1
Yeovil Hendford 36, Galmington Parkfield 42

THE new-look Parkfield team found winning form right away, against the Yeovil side Hendford.

A very enthusiastic bunch, the visitors dug right in and took every quarter, finishing six goals clear at the end of 60 minutes.

POM: Anna Kennedy; sponsor: eat the bird

Somerset Division 2
Yeovil Reckleford 30, Galmington Queensway 34

WITH a new team, Queensway travelled to Yeovil, and were soon three goals up – a lead they extended to six by half time.

The hosts pushed Queensway right up to the final few minutes, even taking the lead, but the ladies dug deep to win.

POM: Lily Perren on debut; sponsor: One Day Like This

Regional League 1
Plymouth Pilgrims 50, Galmington 50

ON Sunday, Galmington travelled to Plymouth to take on the Pilgrims.

Always a well-fought fixture, this meeting proved no different, as both teams finished with 50 goals apiece at the end of a tough 60 minutes.

POM: Rebecca Squire; sponsor: Admiral School of Motoring