Netball South West Regional League 2
Imperial Royals 38, Galmington Trident 50

TRIDENT were up against third-placed Imperial Royals, and – just as they had the previous week – they upset their higher-ranked opponents. 

Taking a squad of 10 to the match, Trident took the first quarter 15-8 and, using all their players through tactical changes, injuries and illness, they led 24-22 at half time. 

Jordyn Baker once again dominated the shooting circle, and Royals’ defence had no answer to her strength and accurate feeding from the attacking unit. 

At the other end of the court, Hannah Symes was on superb form in the D as she took numerous interceptions and rebounds. 

Old girl Sharon Chester took up the GD badge and worked hard out of position. 

The season still has three games to go, but the unexpected five points against second-placed Titans Lightning and now Royals have moved Trident further away from relegation danger.

Player of the match: Hannah Symes; opposition player of the match: Jordyn Baker; sponsor: Joseph Woods Builders

Somerset Division 1
Galmington Parkfield 21, Wyndham 35

PARKFIELD faced another match against the strong Wyndham outfit, and this week it was in the wind and rain. 

The Galmington team had a strong side available, and despite losing they showed improvement, with a smaller gap in the final score compared to the last meeting. 

It was a difficult, physical game, with the opposition putting out a more experienced team that tightly marked the Parkfield players throughout. 

Player of the match: Anna Kennedy; sponsor: eat the bird

GALMINGTON’S Under-12 team took on their friends from Taunton Netball Club. 

The girls gained some much-valued match experience and showcased the work they had put into defending with coach Sarah Morrison, who continues to give her time to develop these young stars.

Somerset Division 1
Tor Avalon 31, Taunton Quantock 36

QUANTOCK travelled to play Tor’s Avalon in Division 1 and came out on top 36-31. 

The visitors started out fast in the first quarter, with Kate and Rachel making great feeds into the shooting circle for an early lead (11-9). 

The second quarter saw Quantock’s defence tested more, with Nicole and Sharlie having to increase the pressure. 

Despite Andrea making good turnovers Avalon hit back to lead 19-18. 

With one point in it, Quantock knew the game could go either way, and shooters Lauren and Charlotte attacked Avalon’s defence with gusto, and their side retook the lead (26-25). 

In the final quarter Quantock came out fighting, and although it was goal for goal near the end of the match with Lauren recovering from a nasty fall, the visitors battled through and their shooters flew away to secure an excellent win. 

Player of the match: Lauren Wilkinson; squad: Lauren Wilkinson, Charlotte Denman, Maisie Reynolds, Rachel Morgan, Kate Durbin, Andrea Dobson, Nicole Smith, Sharlie White; sponsor: Mecca Bingo

Somerset Division 3
Tor Chalice 38, Taunton Brendon 22

BRENDON travelled to play Tor’s Chalice in the third division, and lost out 38-23. 

Both teams started well, but some unforced errors from Brendon saw the hosts move 12-6 ahead. 

Despite Trish, Libby and Denise’s best defensive efforts, the second (22-10) and third (31-15) quarters allowed Chalice to extend their lead further. 

After a few positional changes, Brendon had more joy in the centre court and worked well up the court. 

They came out fighting for at least a point in the final quarter, battling right up until the final whistle blew. 

This was by far their best quarter and despite the score they didn’t give up. 

Some great shooting from Beth and Zoe saw them score eight goals in this final quarter. 

POMs: Zoe Coggins, Libby Binding, Charlotte O’Leary. Squad: Zoe Coggins, Maddy Borer, Beth Lacy-Rigby, Millie Jay, Charlotte O’Leary, Trish Hutchinson, Denise Evely, Libby Binding.