THERE are many thing in life we count.

We count sheep when we cannot sleep, we count on National Health Service to help us when we are ill and count on getting better.

Joss Langford, 43, who is is an engineer, scientist, author was counting on the last two as he has been treated for throat cancer which he was diagnosed with in 2017.

While being treated for the cancer he came up with the idea of writing a children’s book.

Called Emily’s Numbers the story is all about a girl who learns to express her creativity through counting.

The core narrative visualises the abstract concepts of addition, multiplication, fractions and prime numbers.

The notes for able learners describe the language of maths and hint at the curiosities of infinity, symmetry, sets and the twin prime conjecture.

Joss who lives on the Somerset/ Devon border in the Blackdown Hills said: “It is a book about numbers.

"It is a picture book with diagrams so people can see the patterns of the numbers.

“I never set out to write a children’s book but during my treatment I thought I could and I wanted to prove it to myself.

"What was re-assuring is even though I was going through I still retained all my creativity.

"Doing the book motivated me and it all helped me to be positive in getting through my treatment.

"It allowed me to find some meaning knowing I had reached my goal. There was a lot of tension during my treatment and then you find yourself at the end of the journey.

"It is then you ask yourself what you are going to do next.

“I decided to make the publication of the book on the day when my treatment finished, Friday, February 16.”

Joss is donating 30 per cent of the proceeds to the Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment - is a local cancer charity founded in 2000 to support provision of cancer services at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.

Emily’s Numbers, RRP £9.99: ISBN 978-1999947507.

Available online and in bookshops.