IT’S all about the quick change and the fast pace.

Crimes on the Nile which is coming to the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre in March has the cast of many characters but played by four people.

It is all as they say in the world of magic done by smoke and mirrors, to create a world with only exists on stage and then is gone in a flash.

Two of the actors taking to the stage in this production by New Old Friends is Feargus Woods Dunlop and Heather Westwell who run the acting company.

Heather said: “Doing a play like this is always a challenge. You have a number of characters you need to create as an actor and you don’t want to have everyone sounding the same.

"In rehearsals we take the characters to extremes so we can bring them back in a bit. Before going on stage I do get a nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach but as soon as I go on stage it all settles down.

"There is an adrenaline rush when the laugher starts.”

There will be plenty of laughs in this production which sees Belgian detective Artemis Arinae, is enjoying a cruise along the Nile when tragedy strikes again.

The passengers and staff are suspects, the murder count is growing, will Arinae’s little grey cells identify the murderer in time?

Directed by James Farrell (The 39 Steps), a cast of just four perform multiple characters.

Feargus added: “We have a boat on stage which is a facade. So behind it there are hooks and clothes placed on them.

“I have one change where I leave the stage and almost immediately come back on, this time on the other side of the stage. I go from one side of the stage to the other an re-emerge in a different three piece suit without missing a beat.”

Giving their thoughts on what they hope the audience get from the show, Heather said: “For me it is a chance for them to have a good evening and a good laugh.

"They can come out and completely forget everything for 90 minutes and just get caught up in the moment.”

Crimes on the Nile March 1 (7.30pm) and on Saturday, March 2 (2.30pm and 7.30pm).

Tickets £15. Buy online at or call 01823 414141.