ADAM Lambert’s newest album Velvet lives up to its name with smooth and luxurious tracks which are some of the singer’s finest work, writes Jess Glass.

Lambert’s fourth studio album is a stand-out performance with 13 tracks which infuse his raw talent with soulful jazz influences.

The bouncy tracks which dominate the album are immensely enjoyable, while the slower and emotional parts add variety while remaining true to the vintage feel.

Velvet, the opening track of the album with the same name, is a powerful opener and sets the tone as Lambert expertly flirts with the jazz genre. As well as the opening track, the bass-heavy Loverboy and stripped back Closer To You are highlights of the impressive album with something to suit any mood.

Velvet veers into darker territory towards the end, preventing it from becoming stale, before coming to an emotional climax with the tender Feel Something.

Lambert’s newest album is an exceptional offering from the well-established singer and an exciting demonstration of his range for a new audience.