A SERIES of imaginary murals have been created on several buildings in a Somerset city.

Artist Caryn Peiffer used digital illustration and photography to reimagine the City of Wells.

The art installations, entitled the City of Walls, were created to brighten up shops based in the lower half of the city centre.

“Early on, it was suggested to me by one of the business owners that I consider featuring Beyond Wells High Street efforts businesses,” said Ms Peiffer.

“I immediately loved the suggestion, as I have got a lot of love and respect for small business owners as I know that they are the backbone to our local economies and make our communities stronger.

“I also have a lot of sympathy for what all small business owners went through and are still going through with respect to how the lockdown has affected each of them.

“Why not make them smile by reimagining their business?”

Ms Peiffer has reimagined 13 businesses so far, including LOAF Bakehouse, Pickwicks Country Kitchen and A2 Gallery.

Somerset County Gazette: LOAF Bakehouse in Wells with Ms Peiffer's imaginary muralLOAF Bakehouse in Wells with Ms Peiffer's imaginary mural

“Caryn had messaged me to say she was creating a series of digital murals of buildings in Wells,” said Simon Schachter from A2 Gallery.

“I suggested that she may be able to combine it with the push by independent retail businesses of Wells to encourage shoppers to explore beyond the high street.

“They have set up a ‘Beyond Wells High Street’ Facebook page so I thought it may be a way to encourage people to visit these shops if there was an art trail/ exhibition of Caryn’s creations displayed in the corresponding shop.

“I think it is a great idea and an innovative way of using art to help promote small independent shops who are having a tough time at the moment.

“It is mutually beneficial if it helps bring Caryn’s art to a wider audience.

“I love the way she has used the gallery colours and logo across the building, I wish it was created in real life too!”

Somerset County Gazette: A2 Gallery in Wells with Ms Peiffer's digital artworkA2 Gallery in Wells with Ms Peiffer's digital artwork

For each of the designs, Ms Peiffer tried to keep them local and capture the character of each business.

“The piece featuring Ye Olde Sweet Shop is bold and colourful, like my five-year-old, who, if given the chance, would be their best customer,” Ms Peiffer added.

“The piece featuring Pickwicks, on the other hand, shows a starling murmuration, which is unique to this area and one of my favourite things to go see.

“Wells is gorgeous and definitely doesn’t need make over, but I’d like to think that the art can bring a little playful energy to the city.

“For the featured business owners, I’d be through the moon if the series brought more attention and business to them.”

Somerset County Gazette: Ye Olde Sweet Shop in Wells with Ms Peiffer's digital designsYe Olde Sweet Shop in Wells with Ms Peiffer's digital designs