A SOMERSET author is hoping to turn her debut novel into a film – after she was approached by an American company following her involvement with The London Book Fair.

Emily Scialom, who grew up in Glastonbury, has written two popular novels: The Religion of Self-Enlightenment (The RoSE) and The Rivers.

Somerset County Gazette: The Rivers by Emily ScialomThe Rivers by Emily Scialom

She said: “After my second publishing house, Austin Macauley, asked me to be a part of The London Book Fair word got round to various companies that my second novel, The Rivers, looked promising.

“One of these companies was Easy Actions in LA.

“I specifically asked if I could proceed with turning The RoSE and not The Rivers into a film, and they agreed.

“The reason for this is The Rivers is a flow of experiences which would be confusing as a film, whereas The RoSE has a linear narrative.

“It is at the stage now where a letter has been sent to various producers and agents around America. I need to await responses.”

Somerset County Gazette: The Religion of Enlightenment by Emily ScialomThe Religion of Enlightenment by Emily Scialom

The RoSE tells the story of an ordinary man’s quest of understanding. It discusses themes of life and death and the changing views we have in society.

Ms Scialom now lives in Cambridge, but felt that her life in Glastonbury had a significant effect on her writing.

“I grew up surrounded by generally very intelligent people who had dropped out of mainstream life in order to find themselves,” she added.

“I then moved to Cambridge, where I live now.

“I see The RoSE in particular, as a combination of beliefs formed in Glastonbury and academic learning gathered in Cambridge.

“Therefore, it is a clinical analysis of why love is at the centre of the human experience.”

Somerset County Gazette: Emily ScialomEmily Scialom