Peter Davys

DAVYS Peter Viv would like to thank all who attended Peter's funeral service, for all the comforting cards and messages, and donations. The wonderful friendly generosity of Delores and Sean. Also, Diane, Peter and Ben, and Andrew and many friends too many to name. I would also like to thank Reverend Stephen Kivett for his friendship and spiritual comfort during these past difficult months for Peter and I, and for conducting a lovely service. I am very grateful for the sensitive care given by the " Wonderful Pink Ladies ", The Bluebird Service, Marie Currie Nurses, The District Nurses, The Beacon Centre and those at French Weir Health Centre. Also, grateful thanks to Mark and all at Taunton Funeral Services for all his help, and arranging along with the Standards and Bearers of Taunton RAFA and Samford Peverell British Legion, in making this a memorable occasion on 13th April.