PRENUPTIAL agreements in this country do not have the same legal status as in some countries in that the current law means judges are not bound to follow them absolutely.

However, recent case law has given prenuptial agreements a status so judges should look at them.

This is on the basis that they can be taken into account when looking at dividing family assets. It is, therefore, good advice to enter into one, especially where there is an unequal division of assets brought into a marriage, such as an interest in a family business.

Porter Dodson’s specialist Family Team is experienced in preparing and advising on prenuptial agreements.

We know the criteria required to make the agreement more likely to be taken into account by a court, including the need to prepare these documents early.

The court is less likely to accept them if there is any allegation of duress, which is possible where someone has entered into it close to the wedding day.

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