TO Paraphrase Liam Gallagher 'they are MAD for it' in Milverton.

MAD being Milverton Amateur Dramatic Society which is currently going on stage with its version of Bella and the Beast.

The instruction before the off from the director, Ginney May, must have been 'with gusto boys and girls with gusto'.

One of the characters you do not see, let us say they are invisible but are there in spirit is General Gusto who lurks in the shadows and comes out into the light to provide the play with its sparkle.

The gusto gets going with Garson played by Sam Mann who generates the comedy villain factor to the power of X, Garson complete with his, as it is called in the play a terrible French accent and a character trait for Garson who is so narcissistic if he looks in the mirror he likes what he sees.

The fun is kept up by Nanny Franny as played by Matt Bawden who wears as purple wig gives his character the touch of Dame Edna Everage as she talks about her late husband or as they day in the play, her late husband awwwwwww.

Somerset County Gazette:

The panto is full of comedy which is played with aplomb by the cast.

This includes light touches by Toby Dunk as Le Snitch; Jonny Dunk as Dr Hart; Polly Lowder as Beatrice; Hope Bawden as Bonny and all the children Hattie Bawden (Bunny); Tabitha Mann (Pig), Samara Nicholls (Dog); Crystal Mace (Owl); Betsy Bawden (mouse); Harry Mann (Fox); Meghan mace (Tiger); Sophie Tarry (Panda); Louise Maker (Cow) and Seb Tarry (Monkey) who play the staff who have been turned into animals due to the magic spell.

The play revolves around two main characters Bella (played by Freya Carey-Wood) and Prince Louis (played by Tony Baker).

They do a sterling job in being the central pillars but it never takes away the spotlight from the rest of the cast.

Somerset County Gazette:

This includes Fairy Goodweather (Vicky Harris); Narrator (Chris Mann); Vicar (David Hughes), Mrs Miggins (Elaine Vooght) and villagers who were Bryony Dunk, Annie Mann, Dezi Nicholls and Lin Ratsey.

The panto which is very much a village panto has in jokes about things happening in the village or about people living in the village but even if you do not know the people or the incident you can still laugh at the joke - very Simpson-esque.

One of the running jokes in Milverton which has been connected to the panto has been wanted posters going up asking people if they have found or seen Purr C the cat (played by Sue Morris).

There was even a wanted poster in the parish magazine as she is after all a magic cat.

If there was one word which would be associated with this production it would be exuberance.

Somerset County Gazette:

It is all inclusive and everyone has fun.

You can catch Bella and the Beast at the Victoria Rooms, Milverton tonight, November 24 and November 25.

Tickets cost £8 adults, children £4.

Call Vicky on 01823 401235 or email