A POP-UP music act imitating the iconic master of re-invention, David Bowie, performs the artist’s greatest hits in a Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre show in Taunton next week.

“I’ve been a huge fan of David Bowie all my life,” says Pop Up Bowie when he answers a call from the County Gazette.

“The first song I learned to play on the guitar was Jean Genie as a young lad.

“I just try to walk in his shoes.

“I do a lot of research and work very hard at it – I think there are plenty of tributes who just gloss over the surface, but I try to dig a bit deeper in performance.

“Hopefully I do his music justice.”

As testament to his abilities, Pop Up Bowie was invited to mimic the master’s work for Masayoshi Sukita, the photographer responsible for the iconic Heroes and 2013’s The Next Day’s cover shots.

As for his favourite Bowie tracks? “China Girl – in singing terms, that’s definitely my favourite.”

Pop Up Bowie plays on Saturday, February 8, at 8pm, and tickets cost £18 (£17 concessions) at tacchi-morris.com or on 01823-414141.