MOLES, sun spots and other skin conditions can be treated by laser at the West of England Laser Centre at Nuffield Taunton Hospital.

Sun spots and freckles – sometimes known as liver or age spots – exist where the body collects more pigment, called melanin.

For removal of moles, short bursts of high laser light are applied, removing precise layers of superficial skin layer by layer until the lesion is significantly diminished or no longer visible.

The precision of modern lasers minimises the risk of scarring, unlike the lasers of the past.

Also available is laser removal of facial thread veins, warts, veruccas, blood spots, excess hair and tattoos.

In addition, various injection treatments are used to smooth away fine facial lines and/or to add volume and definition, for example to the lips.

Baggy eyelid problems can also be solved at the centre by a minor surgical procedure.

For more information on all treatments available, or to book a consultation, visit, e-mail or call the centre on 01823-331773.