PEOPLE suffering from hair loss can benefit from an extensive premium wig service in Taunton.

With more than 20 years hairdressing experience and a psychology degree, Angela Toohey is offering professional, respectful advice for those suffering hair loss.

She said: “The prospect that we may lose our hair can be devastating. I will guide you through all stages of hair loss, make sure you feel comfortable wearing your wig and help you to decide which styles will suit you best.”

Having also completed an intensive training course led by 'My New Hair' founder Trever Sorbie, Angela has gained the skills necessary to personalise wigs and provide a premium wig cutting service.

All clients can expect to receive respectful, compassionate advice, tailored to their individual need.

There are various types of wigs available; human hair, monofilament, hand-tied and machine made, in hundreds of styles in a range of colours.

Angela also offers a colour matching service. Clients can send a sample of hair, 2" or longer, and about the thickness of a pencil, secured on a piece of card to Angela, along with any other relevant information, to her new business premises: Mews, Lower Middle Street, Taunton, TA1 1SF.

*For more information email