FAMILY mediation supports couples separate, married or not. It is designed to ease the separation process and has been proven to reduce both the stress and cost of a court 'battle'.

This focus towards mediation comes at a time when courts positively encourage mediation as a first step in their own endeavour to reduce court time and therefore costs.

Family mediation helps couples to discuss and resolve issues in a co-operative way, so they can each move on in their lives.

The areas covered may include: arrangements for the children, the home and future accommodation, financial support, child maintenance, financial matters, pension entitlement and division of home contents.

Family mediation helps people take control and work things out together to reach a solution that takes account of all their - and our children's - circumstances.

On the back of the success of family mediation there is a growing move to resolve civil and work conflicts through mediation too. This helps resolve difficult or conflicted situations in a manner which supports each person and aims to resolve and agree, thereby avoiding the time and cost of going to court.

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