AN HEROIC support warden has been reunited with the Timberscombe woman whose life she saved.

Emma Tucker kept her cool and used her first aid skills to avoid tragedy during a visit to the Orchard Way home of Jenny Colquhoun, 57.

When Emma and her colleague Dawn Law of Magna West Somerset Housing Association were called to the house, they had no idea of the drama that would unfold.

Jenny suddenly became seriously ill after the pair arrived – she was having severe breathing difficulties and was starting to drift in and out of consciousness.

But Emma took control of the situation and drew on her first aid experience to help calm Jenny down and keep her conscious by talking to her until the ambulance arrived.

Jenny stayed in hospital for nine days after the incident and has been diagnosed with Obstructive Pulmonary Disease but is now recovering.

She said: “I owe a lot to Emma – she saved my life. She stayed with me the whole time right up until the ambulance arrived.

“I don’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t been there. All I can do is thank her now.”

Senior community support warden Emma Tucker said: “Jenny became really poorly quickly. It was a pretty hairy situation and I just did what I could to keep her comfortable and conscious.

"I am so pleased to visit Jenny now and see her on the road to recovery.”