RAIL campaign group Railfuture has spoken out following last year's floods which shut the main line at Cowley Bridge, near Tiverton.

Railfuture's Devon and Cornwall branch has written a report "The November 2012 Railway Flooding In Devon", offering a raft of solutions and observations about how to avoid a repeat of the disruption, which saw the line closed for a week over one of the busiest travelling periods of the year.

Gerard Duddridge from the group said: "We produced this report because there was a major hole in the mainline railway.

"It's a major trunk route which is vulnerable to disruption, and as I live near Cowley Bridge junction, it's clear to me that the problems lie in the culverts, which don't have enough capacity and need enlarging."

The report also deals with the December flooding, which was largely a repeat of the November incident.

"This report pulls together local rail and river knowledge," added Gerard.

"We've been able to identify river conditions that give advance warning of flooding, meaning that the railway doesn't have to be taken by surprise."

The report can be downloaded at www.railfuture.org.uk