MOST young children are probably making their spare time as action-packed as possible without a care in the world...

But North Curry Primary School pupils Toby and Eleanor Stannard take a different approach – they wrote letters to Prime Minister David Cameron about the state of the country.

Eleanor, 11, expressed her reasons why Britain should stay in the EU, while brother Toby, nine, covered the topic of large businesses not paying corporation tax.

Mum Karen said: “It came about because we were looking at the news on-line and it was the day David Cameron was giving a speech on the EU and a referendum.

“Toby’s idea came because we were talking about companies not paying tax and then they both got letters back which were both really nice.”

Eleanor received a response from the Foreign Office and Toby a hand-signed letter from Mr Cameron.

Karen added: “They’re both interested in things outside of their immediacy and in the future we might take a look at Youth Parliament.”