A TEENAGER from Taunton is undergoing a hair-raising experience to help out a children's cancer charity.

Annie Nicholls, 15, will have her first real haircut later this month so that she can donate her long blonde locks to the Little Princess Trust.

Previously, Annie had only been to the hairdressers to have her locks trimmed or tidied up - but never chopped off.

The Queen's College year ten student wanted to help out the charity, which provides natural hair wigs free of charge to boys and girls who have lost their hair from alopecia or cancer treatment.

Each wig costs the charity around £350 to make, so Annie is currently asking friends and staff to donate money before the big chop.

She said: “I feel strongly about this cause and can't imagine how hard it must be to lose your hair as a child”.

Toni and Guy hairdressers in Taunton have offered to cut her hair for free to help out with the fundraiser.

To donate towards Annie's cause, click here.