TROPIQUARIA has some new friendly faces after the arrival of Katy and Elton.

They are Black Lemurs and bring the number of Lemur species at Tropiquaria to seven.

Black Lemurs are currently listed as vulnerable in the wild, but they may soon be reclassified as threatened.

Tropiquaria director, Chris Mosier said: “This species is really suffering in almost every way possible in the wild.

“There is habitat destruction still in the Madagascar's North Western Forest where they live.

“The native population trap and kill them in some areas as food and in other areas as agricultural pests.

“There is also a small but persistent trade as pets in one area of the country.”

Despite being called Black Lemurs, only the males are black while the females are brown.

Katy and Elton came to Tropiquaria from Sparsholt College where they were part of the teaching collection.