A MUM fears a tragic accident could happen on a busy road which dozens of children have to cross to get to school.

Primary and secondary youngsters living between Mead Way and Elms Estate need to dash between traffic on the A3259 at Monkton Heathfield every morning and afternoon.

A lollipop person used to see them safely across until leaving the post last November.

Michelle Kelsey, whose children James and Melissa attend West Monkton Primary School, said: “It’s really dangerous and I’m worried someone’s going to get killed.

“I know of two children who have been knocked but not seriously hurt by vehicles – who knows, the next one mightn’t be so lucky.

“If we can’t get a lollipop person to see the children across, we need a pedestrian crossing – the new homes on the other side of the village have crossings paid for by the developers.”

Mrs Kelsey said she had started to allow James to walk to school alone ahead of starting at Heathfield School in September.

She added: “I won’t let him go alone any more though and I know of another mother with a son at Heathfield who drives him in every day she’s so worried.

“It’s taking our children’s independence away from them.”

A Somerset County Council spokesman said funding is in place to pay for a lollipop person if someone can be found to do the job.

Cllr David Fothergill, who represents Monkton Heathfield, has met highways officers at County Hall.

Writing to Mrs Kelsey before Christmas, he said: “In terms of a fixed crossing, then realistically this is not something which can be achieved in the short term.

“Crossing points are planned as part of any Hartnell Farm development...and I’m sure that we will be doing what we can to try to ensure that one of these is provided in the Mead Way/Elms Estate area.

“The longer term plan is to traffic calm the road when the new western relief road is built between the A38 and the A3259 south of Aginshill.”

To sign a petition asking for a safe crossing click here.