A MOTHER has expressed her anger after her three-year-old son fell over trying to avoid dog mess and cut his head open.

Rachael Collier, was walking up to Minehead First School to drop her sons, Reiss and Logan, off to pre-school.

She said: “My partner had just dropped us off and we were walking up to the school.

“I could see dog poo on the floor and there were footprints where someone had stepped in it as well as a bigger clump near it.

“I picked Reiss and Logan up to try and avoid it but someone was trying to get by and we all just fell over straight into it.”

Three-year-old Logan had scuffed his knees, but it was big brother Reiss, who turns four on Sunday, who had suffered after banging his head on a wall.

Rachael added: “Logan was sobbing so one of the teacher’s came along and took him into school and Reiss had his hand to his head; when he moved it all I saw was this deep cut.”

Distraught Rachael and her partner, Steven Harrison, then spent an hour in Minehead Hospital while Reiss had his head glued up.

She said: “He was brave and he went back to pre-school afterwards but I am fuming. It’s bad enough when people leave dog poo outside shopsbut to leave it outside a school when they know people are rushing about it’s just so irresponsible and inconsiderate.”

Rachael was left even more cross when she rang West Somerset Council who told her nothing could be done.

Rachael added: “I rang them to say what had happened; I was asked if there was a sign on the road about fines and I said ‘No’.

“Then they asked if I knew who it was and because I didn’t theysaidthere was nothing they could do.”

A spokesperson from the council said: "The Council is concerned to hear of this incident and will investigate the dog fouling signage in the area.

"If anyone has information on the owner of the dog(s) responsible they are advised to contact the Council so that action, such as issuing an initial warning letter, can be taken."

Minehead Town Council has recently purchased more dog bins for recreational areas.

But residents say dog wardens are needed around in the area to help catch culprits in the act.

Failure to comply with picking up dog poo can result in a fixed £75 penalty fine or prosecution and a fine up to £1000.

Dog fouling can be reportedon thedistrict council’s website at www.westsomerset online.gov.uk/Forms/Report-Dog-Fouling.