STUDENTS from Queen Elizabeth’s Community College in Crediton found the winning formula when they triumphed in the Year 10 Maths Challenge at Exeter University.

Eight students, split into two teams of four, put their maths skills to the test at the competition on January 15.

The school’s Team One ran out worthy winners, while Team Two landed themselves a worthy fifth place.

The students had to complete five gruelling rounds requiring different skills and strategies.

Challenges included learning how to carry out complicated calculations, such as base six arithmetic, without the use of calculators and other equipment, such as rulers and protractors.

The team will now take part in the regional final at the Met Office.

Julie Clawson, the school’s head of maths, said: “It’s another maths success for Queen Elizabeth’s – what a brilliant result for our students.

“Congratulations to all the participants and good luck to the winning team for the next round.”