BIG employers in Wellington need to be supported by new businesses, according to Taunton Deane MP Jeremy Browne.

Mr Browne was discussing the prospects for economic development in and around the town when he was the guest speaker at Wellington Business Association's last meeting.

He said: “Wellington has some strong opportunities for future economic growth. Junction 26 is one of the most under-utilised junctions on the M5 and there is great scope for business development around Chelston.

Relyon, Swallowfield and Wellington School are all major employers in the town and it is important that they are supported. The extra housing development should also provide new customers for small businesses including the town centre shops.

“But what Wellington really still needs at this stage is a bigger vision for the future of the town. A train station would make a real difference to Wellington.”

As previously reported, the MP is unhappy at a “missed opportunity” for a Northern Relief Road which he believes should have been built as part of the Longforth Farm development.

He added: “Building a dead-end road to nowhere is no substitute for having a proper new road. I will continue to campaign for the funding to enable a Northern Relief Road for Wellington to be constructed.”