CUSTOMERS using the main Taunton Post Office when it relocates tomorrow (Friday, January 31) can expect to be served more quickly.

The facility is being moved 75 metres from its current home in North Street to The County Stores.

People will be able to buy stamps, pay bills and sort out their car tax there from 1pm tomorrow.

And for the first time the county town’s principal post office will open seven days a week.

County Stores director James Duder said the firm has taken on the current post office staff, while some of the existing store workers have been trained to help when things get busy.

“We’re looking forward to the opening – it’s an exciting time,” said Mr Duder.

“We’ve converted the back of the store into a brand new post office with four tills and two ‘fortresses’ offering more security.

“It will enable us to serve customers better.

“With some of our staff being trained up, they will be able to move from the store to the post office when things get busy to avoid some of the long queues customers experienced in the past.”

The office has been created at the back of the ground floor, which has undergone a £250,000 refurbishment It will open from 8.30am to 5.30pm Mondays to Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

The Post Office has used its current premises rent-free under the terms of a contract with owners Primeco, which has spent over £1million since buying it in 2004.

A Primeco spokesman said no-one has yet been lined up to occupy the building.