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FLOODING LATEST: Prince Charles visits Somerset flood victims today

Last updated:

    Prince Charles to visit flood victims in Muchelney, Thorney and Stoke St Gregory.
  • Prince to visit farmers and residents.
  • Somerset battered by overnight stormy weather as more roads flood.
  • Use #Charlesvisit on Twitter.


Blue Owl 9:43pm Tue 4 Feb 14
Today Tuesday was a " Special Flood Meeting " in Sedgemoor District Councils Chamber, typically no Reporter Coverage Present to note the Importance of this Meeting. Sedgemoor residents, myself included, spoke on this Agenda Item, after a full and interesting Debate, a Six Point Resolution, in how to take forward the views of Council to enable quick, responses to further Dredging Works, and to formulate a Policy to deal in the short term, the flooding of Properties and Businesses. With a solution in the Medium , long term to deal with the excess water laying on the Levels, and how to minimise future flood damage, as a consequence, noted the inaction of the Top Management of the Environment Agency, in their role as the Agency responsible !!! A further Council Meeting on 19th February , will discuss further action to take. The Council passed unanimously the Councils resolution, to act as soon as possible to relief the situation, of those residents affected, by water ingress. David L Preece Blue -Owl
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orchardman 10:35pm Tue 4 Feb 14
Very nice of HRH to pay a visit, and make a (small) donation. However, in these days of ever reducing budgets, just how much did the visit cost - probably a lot more than the £50,000 donation when all the policing, security etc. is totted up. I watched the BBC news covering the visit, and counted 4 police vehicles just in the area behind the reporter.Money that could have been better spent ensuring the safety and security of those affected from the low life that are only too ready to take advantage of the situation.
Score: 3
Blue Owl 9:30am Wed 5 Feb 14
Prince Charles visit was welcomed by the whole Community, he highlighted the severe conditions that the residents of Muchelney and other Communities have endured over this last month, for the 2nd year, the Environment Agency, should be Sanctioned, stripped of their Responsibilty, for Water Management, they have Failed Dismally, their Policies in not keeping our River Parrett from Silting Up, is Tantamount to Incredullous Stupidity, the River Parrett can hold Four Times the Volume of water if de-silted Annually, the Mud -Silt put onto the Banks to heighten the Defenses. You can not get a Quart into a Pint Pot, so make the pot hold more volume, it is not Rocket Science, it was done up to 20 years ago, b4 this Angency was Created, ,,,,!!!!!!!!!!! The sea defences have withstood, so far, the Parrett has not Breached its banks, But there is no where to pump the excess rain water, that has to be pumped into the River Parrett Tidal River, so as it goes out to sea on the Ebb Tides Twice Daily...........then the Moors can be Drained, but this will take at least 3 months, @ a cost of £100k per week for the Pumping Operation. How many £ Million s of ££££££££ will this Disaster cost, in Claims on Insurances, in Somerset.........Tha t's if the residents have insurances after last years Disaster, which was then described as a 1 in 100 year Event, by the Environment Agency Boffin's ,!!!!!!!!!! David L Preece Blue-Owl.
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