CRIME in Wellington soared to a four-year January high last month.

A total of 45 offences were committed in the first month of 2014, Sgt Helen Boyd’s police report said.

The biggest spike was in criminal damage to motor vehicles with 18 offences recorded – an increase of 11 on December’s figures.

Of these, nine incidents were in the Dobree Park area of Rockwell Green, all on the same night, when yobs ripped off parts, mainly wipers.

The report said two arrests had been made after other incidents.

There was also a leap in the number of assaults after an incident in which a taxi driver was attacked on New Year’s Day.

Police received reports of two domestic incidents and Sgt Boyd said two people had been arrested.

There were three house burglaries during January with mainly money taken, and all are under investigation.

Incidents of criminal damage to public places went up by two – a window was smashed at the Dolphin pub in Waterloo Road and a greenhouse was damaged in Olands Road.

However, the number of shoplifting offences dropped by four on December with five crimes recorded at One-Stop in Tonedale and High Street, Waitrose, Superdrug and Co-op.

There are ongoing enquiries into most of these thefts with one person already prosecuted.