A PRINCE, a Test cricketer, world-famous singers and musicians, a World Cup winner, TV personalities – and that’s just for starters.

Somerset author Alan Hammond has met and been photographed with some familiar faces over the years.

Many of them have written forewards to his books on trains and music, others he bumped into by chance.

Prince Michael of Kent invited Alan along to his home in Kensington Palace – but there was a bit of a crisis beforehand.

“We were two hours early, so we went for an Italian meal around the corner, only for me to splash spaghetti all down my front – my wife had to clean me up,” said Alan.

His favourite star is rock legend Phil Collins who chatted to him for so long before a concert that his PA had to remind him it was time to go on stage.

Alan also got snapped with the late England footballer Alan Ball, who was in the World Cup winning side in 1966, as well as meeting former England cricketer Jack Russell.

And from our TV screens he got to chat to Dad’s Army actor Bill Pertwee and comedy actress Su Pollard, of Hi-di-Hi fame.

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