A GRAN who started knitting blankets to keep her family warm has kept her needles clicking away to help animal charities.

Gloria Taylor, 68, has now been joined by an army of volunteers to complete an amazing 1,400 woollen blankets in just two years.

And Gloria, who was taught to knit by her own gran, is so hooked on the hobby that she is sometimes up at 4am beavering away at home in Beadon Road, Taunton.

She said: “I started knitting blankets for my grandchildren and family members and completed 14.

“I had quite a lot of wool left over so I carried on to made 100 blankets for the RSPCA and still had wool left.

“I then contacted Dogs4Adoption at St Giles Kennels, Wrantage, to ask if they would like some blankets for the dogs and cats in their care, which they did.”

Gloria has recently been joined in her toils by her daughter Kristy, a neighbour, Celia Alison, 82, and six other women.

“Over half of us are pensioners and we do it because of our love of animals,” said Gloria.

She buys most of the wool herself but would be grateful to anyone able to donate a few balls.