THE Corn Barn in Cullompton is hosting the Pop-up Opera for a performance of Bizet's comic opera ‘The Doctor's Miracle’.

Pop-up Opera endeavours to make opera entertaining, without compromising quality – all operas are performed in their original language.

Their intimate use of props, story-telling and interaction makes audience members feel as if they have been given a backstage pass.

Pop-up’s operas are skilfully adapted to each individual venue, making every performance unique, while always maintaining the highest standards.

The combination of amazing venues, along with an informal atmosphere and engaging productions, offers a greater connection to the singers and the music, something even seasoned opera-goers often miss.

The Pop-up Opera is popping up close to you, so do pop in: The Corn Barn is the only venue that they are performing at in Devon, where they will be on stage on Thursday, April 3, at 7.30pm.

Tickets at £20 are available by phoning 01884- 32107 or at or