A MID Devon councillor has warned that proposals to build 1,100 new homes at Hartnoll Farm could be detrimental to Tiverton and Halberton.

Cllr Des Hannon, who campaigned against similar plans in 2007, believes the plans would “hurt both Tiverton and Halberton equally,” whilst turning Halberton “into a suburb of Tiverton.”

The 7- hectare site, which currently hosts the Mid Devon Show, is one of several being considered in the Mid Devon Local Plan review document – but Cllr Hannon believes the planning committee should look elsewhere.

He said: “I continue to believe that Manley Lane forms the historic boundary between Tiverton and the parish of Halberton – crossing that to fill Hartnoll Farm with houses and industrial buildings hurts Tiverton and Halberton equally.

“There is already, in progress, a massive development to the east of Tiverton – this scale of additional development would turn Halberton into a suburb of Tiverton.”

Consultation on the local plan review has now ceased and councillors met to discuss the matter in Tiverton last Monday.

The deadline for public responses to the document closed on Monday (March 24) following a two-month consultation period.

Sites at Exeter Hill, Wynards Mead and Brickhouse Lane are also being considered for housing developments as part of the Local Plan Review, but it is understood that not all plans in the document will proceed.