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M5 crash inquest: Coroner records conclusion into deaths

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    GreatOdin'sRaven 7:07pm Thu 17 Apr 14
    "Mr Rose told the inquest that the fireman and 26 passengers died when a sleeper train crashed shortly after leaving Taunton Station on November 4, 1940, exactly 71 days before the M5 pile-up." 71 years, not days. I wonder if we'll ever see an article on this site with no errors.
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    ollydolly10 11:17pm Thu 17 Apr 14
    I was driving along the motorway coming back from Devon this day and missed the accident luckily. The visibility from the fog was awful and there were people driving without lights on! It was such a tragic accident but its unfair to blame the firework display when the fog was so bad and visabilty was awful before the fire work display even started
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    driftworkz 12:15am Fri 18 Apr 14
    Driver error every time!! Stop passing blame, its bang out of order, people die everyday in car accidents, when weather deteriorates peoples driving gets irratic as they want to get off the roads faster, which isnt safer at all, people must realise that if fog lands they have to slow down, so what if your gonna be 10 min late for a meeting, as the saying goes "better to arrive late than never" and its as simple as that at the end of the day :/
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    Blue Owl 11:16am Wed 23 Apr 14
    Is it me, ???? Or is the Photo in use at the Header for this article, the Correct One, as it is not a Motorway Sign and scene that I recognise!!!!!! As one Post has already said " Blame Blame Blame" there has to be a Scape Goat, it was not the Gut who was putting on the Firework Display in an adjacent Location. It was a combination of Weather that Night, Poor Visabilities, Drivers, driving to close and as always Too Fast for the Conditions. Result ???? Carnage, who was rubber necking, who braked first, who caused another driver too over react in braking and swerving, etc, we have all been in similar scenarios and luckily avoided, actual Collisions. But, fault has to be Applied, because the Costs, insurance Companies , payouts on repairs replacement Vehicles have to be funded, compensation for the Unfortunate Loss of life and Limbs, then the Costs of the Emergency Services, Motorway Furniture, Crashbarriers Resurfacing etc. Hospital Fee's Many Many £ Millions of Pounds. The Firework Organisor Jeffrey ?? Surname escapes me) was thankfully found not liable, as he had made every possible attention to ensure his Display was Reasonably Safe. He could not have possible for seen the Circumstances, that unravelled that evening. The Insurance Companies, rightly need to try and recover their Losses. !! David L Preece Blue -Owl
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