A HOLIDAYMAKER who was rescued after getting stuck in mud at Blue Anchor Beach said there are ‘no words to express her gratitude’.

Jean Grant, from Horsham, in Sussex, was walking along Blue Anchor on the morning of March 19.

She was down visiting her friend when she decided to take a walk.

Jean said: “I’d been along the promenade the night before and decided to walk along the beach as I love the sea. 

“Before I knew it, I was covered to my knees in sand and couldn’t get out.

“I just kept thinking, if only I could step back then I could get out but I couldn’t move.

“After about ten minutes I gave up trying to get out, I was exhausted and I had no signal on my phone, it was terrifying.”

Jean eventually got signal and managed to text her son and the son of the friend she was visiting who realised something was up.”

The 62-year-old added: “I was waving to people on the promenade who called 999 for me.

"There are no words to write that could express the gratitude I have for the two men who put their lives at risk to rescue me and for the person who dialled 999.

“The police and paramedics were amazing, professional and reassuring with warmth I will remember forever.

“I had quite an audience by the time I was rescued.

"I think the whole incident was over an hour long as I had to lie down in the ambulance for a while but the rescue team were so quick.”

Specialist mud rescue volunteers from Watchet and Minehead Coastguard Rescue Teams recovered Jean.

They injected water into the mud to make it soft before digging her out.

The coastguard recommends that if you become stuck in the mud you should try and spread your weight as much as possible and call 999 and ask for the coastguard.

You should avoid moving, try to stay calm and discourage others from attempting to rescue you in case they become stuck, too.